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Victoria House

We offer professional consultancy in the Italian real estate market.
All contacts and negotiations are conducted in your native language, always, every step of the way, from the phase preceding purchase or sale through all the following phases.
Victoria Ayrapetyan Tamburini is the owner of the Agency. She speaks several languages and has matured considerable experience in many years’ abroad.

Transparent , discreet and full assistance.
Collaborations through a dense network of international contacts.

Objective: making every real estate investment in Italy safe and serene

Victoria House will always be available before, during and after the sale.
Our team consists of highly experienced professionals, with innovative thinking and constructive ideas: lawyers, engineers, architects and, of course, real estate agents, all members of their respective professional registers.
The services are always personalized, from the first contacts up to the post-purchase phase.

Property in Italy

An increasing number of foreigners are investing in Italy with the aim of owning a second home, a holiday property or even to plan transfers for work and family reasons.

For those who have never bought a house or come from another country, it can be reassuring to rely on someone who explains “how and where” to look for the desired villa or apartment, how to transfer money to Italy, how to deal with local taxes or what to do even for the simplest procedures to activate electricity, water, gas, telephone, satellite TV.
In a simple way, all the steps that must be taken to define the sale will be explained. More information is dedicated to the procedures that by law must be performed by buyers, in particular for those coming from countries outside the European Union.

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